ABOUT phenix










phenix is an authentic Japanese brand that was established in 1952.

In 1955, phenix laid its foundation as a skiwear brand by introducing nylon, which was the latest material during that time. During the Dhaulagiri Expedition (8,167 meters) in 1978, phenix was the first in Japan to develop a down jacket that could withstand the altitude of the Himalayas and helped support the members reach the peak. Also, phenix has been an official supplier of the world’s top-level Norwegian Alpine Ski Team for many years already, continuing to produce and supply cutting-edge skiwear. These achievements made phenix’s passion for skiwear renowned worldwide.

phenix combines the following 3 elements at a high level: “Materials” and “Technology” that satisfy the needs of world-leading athletes, and sophisticated “Designability” brought about by the incorporated functionalities. With its world-class, advanced sewing technology, phenix unceasingly challenges to develop functions through uncompromised product testing and continues to pursue its commitment as a Japanese brand. With skiing related winter activities at the top of its list, it will also keep on developing reliable products that make customers feel comfortable while enjoying activities in various fields.